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  • Platinum pro Voice master pre amplifiers
  • Pre Sonus Blue tube pre-amp
  • Pre Sonus Central station
  • Dedicated Soundcraft mixer for stereo recording
  • Delta 1010 Card – can track 8 channels simultaneously
  • Dbx 166xl Stereo Compressor
  • JBL LSR4328P – Near field monitoring
  • Sonodyne SM100Ak with SLF 200 – Near field monitoring
  • Behringer HA8000 Headphone Amp
  • Headphones – Technics, Sony, AKG
  • Choice of Rode/AKG/Neumann/Shure mikes - For any application
  • Custom wound and designed cables
  • Choice of Guitars – Electric and Acoustic and Bass
  • Choice of Drum Kits (on advance notice)
  • Choice of Guitar amps/cabinets (on advance notice)
  • M Audio Octane - 8 channel pre-amp
  • Guitar Rig 5
  • Complete Native Instruments package


For aspiring and established performing artistes, Christortion is a one-stop recording studio. Besides mixing and mastering music, Chris can assist songwriters with melody, harmonic analysis, song structure, arrangement and sessions musicians. Check out Artists to listen to albums produced by Christortion.



Song: Fallen

The singer-songwriter’s debut album is Christortion’s first too! Chris has composed, recorded and played the bass, guitar and drums for the rustic rock album. Plans to launch his next, an industrial album, are underway

Hear Rajiv's Music


Mandara Nagaraj

Song: Dreams

Composed in collaboration with producer and mentor, Chris, the pop-rock album has given this 17-year-old the courage to step off the beaten track and make a career of her dreams.

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Three years of gunk, junk, booze, schmooze, vagabonding and vegetating are being squeezed to fit in your CD player, and a little spot in your vast grey matter. Gowri, a strange, deluded, half-singing-half-strumming songwriter, cuts her debut album on the back of the debut Resonate Music Award at Chris Avinash's Christortion Studio in Koramangala.

Hear Gowri's Music


Akshata Udiavar

Song: Sajnaa

Jamming with Chris and first-time lyricist Varun Raj, the album with a teaspoon of jazz, two cups of electric guitar and a shot of alaap promises to be a delectable treat for the avid music lover.

Hear Akshata's Music


Avril Quadros Band

Chris has collaborated with Avril Quadros on her soon-to-be-released debut album for which he has arranged the music, among other things.

Sukoon Brothers

Sukoon Brothers

Sukoon Brothers is a Hindi Pop Band from Delhi. The band's strength lies in its ability to compose, arrange and write a very versatile kind of music. It was formed by Bharat and Saurabh who are music composers, arrangers and writers. Apratim, who is the latest blend in the band, is a very promising and talented vocalist.

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Jingles and Radio Spots

You will never find a quicker turnaround time for the production of jingles and radio spots than at Christortion. With music samples, voice over artists in almost any Indian language, sessions artists and copywriters available on call 24/7/365 ...or 366 as the case may be! An audio engineer who also happens to be a literature major, allows one to make improvisations and spot decisions easier on the nerves!

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Corporate Audio Branding

Audio is an integral part of brand experience and Christortion can help you design your audio identity, mnemonic, anthem, caller-tune, customized happy birthday or just that tune you play in the lift. Chris has auditioned and produced in-house bands for many companies - back in the early 2000's he created the first corporate music festival - TouchBass. Chris, just might get your employees to be part of the experience!! Get your signature corporate tune here - original royalty-free music provided at a one time cost.

Video and Multimedia Applications

Whether it is films, educational DVDs or any other visual content, Christortion can develop audio that transforms and completes it. Genuine advanced production and post production software enable any audio application to be planned and executed in less time than you would imagine.

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